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   Thank you for your speedy & efficient service.   

Mrs B, UK 8th July 2024

   The stamps arrived today in good order on the other side of the world. Not bad in only 10 days. Very pleased with the stamps. Impressive service.   

Mr H, New Zealand 2nd July 2024

   Hello and thank you for your response. I would be pleased to accept your offer / I am very pleased with the prompt attention my request has received and thank you (note. Mr B sent his collection to us for valuation and we gave him 2 options, to sell immediately or through our auction)   

Mr B, UK 2nd July 2024

   The auction lots have arrived & they’re great!   

Mr M, Australia 25th June 2024

   Pleased to report the Lots I was able to purchase arrived this morning in fine condition. Excellent service as they were only dispatched late yesterday afternoon. Very pleased with my Lots and I must say your service extremely efficient. The people I spoke to on the phone are very good and again extremely helpful. Well done all at Cheshire Auctions and thank you all very much   

Mr C, UK 25th June 2024

   Just wanted to acknowledge receipt of the cheque you sent for the sale of my late husbands stamp collection. Also thank you so much for all the help and advice you have given me, it is much appreciated.   

Mrs L, UK 7th May 2024

   I would like to let you know that you are a top auction house and if I ever want my Penny black special collection [to be sold] then you are definitely among the three top contenders!!!   

Mrs E, Germany 2nd May 2024
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